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  1. Michael MacGyver

    I'm interacting to support the channel and to help boost it in the algorithm! algorithm boost engage!!! This was better than PewDiePie playing Minecraft, or Markiplier and JackSepticEye playing Fortnite while watching ASMR videos.

  2. MaelstromGuy

    Wait, Jay wasnt the lead for this movie?

  3. Zach

    I would say the villain in this movie isn't a person but the lack of morality in society. Uncle Joe is not the villain.

  4. The Greek Geek

    Would you like to know more?

  5. Michael MacGyver

    I'm interacting to support the channel and to help boost it in the algorithm! algorithm boost engage!!! This was better than PewDiePie playing Minecraft, or Markiplier and JackSepticEye playing Fortnite while watching ASMR videos.

  6. TheBithEternal

    i just don’t get why we the audience should care that nobody can make fake people anymore

  7. it is a mystery

    Diana is like 16 year old me wearing my new shoes to a walk through the forest.

  8. Steve Trent

    The problem really is that we’re focusing on race. If a person of any color creates a good product, it will sell. Nobody cares what color they are if their product is good. Even white supremacists wear clothes made in Asia.

  9. Steve Trent

    It’s almost as though the amount of representation is proportional to the actual percentage of the population a group pertains. For example, African Americans represent 13% of the us population.

  10. Daybid Bander Becht

    I'm mad jealous of that vest.

  11. I Just Ate Your Grapes Bro

    7:43 Jay just convinced me, I was SO disappointed in Keanu for this performance, but I think you hit the nail on the head, and now I forgive him, it's not like he was ever a great character actor.

  12. LederjackenShow

    More talk about The Simpsons please.

  13. M R

    A part of the problem is the root of the character itself, within the mcu universe, because her power level is beyond that of the main villain of the first 20 movies. The mcu is experiencing the power creep that the comics experience, the need to push each film beyond the previous, which turns out to be a terrible movie to have to persist through just to keep up with the mcu. I had alot of difficulty with the first act of doctor strange,it's boring, so so boring, and captain marvel is like a boring backstory the entire movie and I couldnt give a tiny shit about anything because there are no consequences. A freaking 4 hour backstory, I just want to die. Anyways, brie Larson seems to be pursuing the career she wants to pursue, in terms of her ideas of how her stardom can boost her ideas, she is pandering to a base, a base with money, that feed into her wealth, thusly she will never give up this revenue stream, no matter what consequences there are, she's making money doing "feminism", there's no taking her away from that. So just fire her, cause her other career is stupid, and embarrassing. But power to her for making money doing it. Many whackjobs have been fired from leading roles in the mcu. She's next. Edward Norton made it one film before they chucked his ass to the curb, but brie isnt one of those "rewrites to the script in hand" actors so firing her on just this principle alone, begins to complicate the process of removing her. I dont think disney cares enough to chuck her.

  14. Kaden Kyllingstad

    race isnt culture mike

  15. B Harris

    Wasn't the Whitehouse... The capital building

  16. Chill man, chill!

    Nope, that's why I'm watching old half in the bag's

  17. PewPewGrrr

    Mike forgot Trixie Mattel when listing famous ppl from Milwaukee

  18. Patricio Marino

    How was this NOT pron?

  19. Jake Bond

    Those phones that plug into the wall give sensational reception. We should all use those.

  20. Johannes Dolch

    The movie is basically like the Oasis itself. It is visually impressive, but when you really think about, it's just bullshit. And this Oasis shit is probably the worst online world you could possibly create. It would fail miserably, not take over the world.

  21. A K

    Mike: Dean Norris is in the film Jay: Is that the The Breaking Bad -guy was also in Paul Verhoeven´s "Total Recall"? -Yeah Jay: The one with the weird vaginaface. No one even recognize him

  22. Shadow Man

    Romulus is the only reason the Dominion lost the war.

  23. Ariel Buckmeier

    Now i need to watch FUTURE WAR.

  24. Michael MacGyver

    I'm interacting to support the channel and to help boost it in the algorithm! algorithm boost engage!!! This was better than PewDiePie playing Minecraft, or Markiplier and JackSepticEye playing Fortnite while watching ASMR videos.

  25. Ryan Jones

    Dehart actually sings fine for like beer-hall line-dancing. A little more confidence and a lot of practice and I think he even could have been successful at more. This movie was not that.

  26. Geri Wulle

    Putting him in Turtle Dreams at the end, fucking amazing!

  27. jonc12

    He was right about Kong

  28. ItzGazza

    He'd do great as live action Tarzan

  29. Samuel Paul Gäumann

    love this movie! Best ending of all time!!!

  30. Rick Giordano

    You guys should do a Half in the Bag on Psycho Goreman. I think Jay and Mike would both love it.

  31. Thomas Champagne

    That quote is really confucious

  32. Cutflood

    Re:view Aracnophobia!

  33. mrskribble

    I somehow managed to watch two RLM videos in a row where Rich loses a finger.

  34. William Delahunty

    No one can make a good adaptation of Dune. It can't be done. Because it would require either non stop exposition, or would need to be a series to give that context without dialog.

  35. facejobby

    The width of those legs lol. He's living the character

  36. Mike Sheppard

    these guys are so gaslighted by bad movies that they write one afterwords and it's amazing

  37. Laura B

    Omg, it really is a movie? I thought this was just a youtube spoof consisting of several clips of bad acting.

  38. Jemimacakes

    I don't really understand how they cant recognize foreign languages. Just because you don't understand what they are saying doesn't mean you can't identify the language? Do they hear Spanish and not know it's Spanish? German? It's fairly obvious idk

  39. Feral Furby

    Jay Bum-man

  40. Hutchi’s Opinion

    I can’t believe Mike, Jay and Rich got Johnny Sins on the show

  41. omiNITROUS

    Gotta love how the KGup algorithm is do dense that they make the movie available for rental right under a video mocking it.

  42. Mats F.

    Ego is not evil persay, he just have a different view on organisms and wants to reshape the "Garden of the galaxy" he has been alive longer then the birth of earth and the Sol system so, meh, sure alot of people died but for a god more or less a bacteria "Humans and other sentients" are just a virus, dust particles, so I understand Ego somehow.

  43. Brenton Baker

    23:34 people have been wearing masks incorrectly for years.

  44. Mykel Nyghet

    Is the lawyer related to Mike?

  45. Julian Bartkiewicz

    27:24 is gold

  46. Grimblah

    For some reason, I remember this particular episode largely because of the 'headgear' joke from Mike (54:33) during the Raiders of Atlantis section.

  47. dbsommers1


  48. ZEBU1212

    life is meaningless without a new RLM review

  49. dbsommers1

    Read the novella twice before the movie came out. Aside from the different ending, not really any need to watch it. Still prefer the original Fog and not the remake (Sorry, couldn't resist)

  50. RiffoftheGods

    wait I haven't seen this episode... YES

  51. iamjedi06

    ...the female playing the male character (doctor) didn't fool me for one second (fact) it/she was too butch ! the shrill in her voice was MEH : \

  52. Matthew Bagley

    0:01 Jay being slightly disappointed that he's Jay.

  53. Dirt McGert

    Captain America should have been Teddy Roosevelt carrying a big stick.

  54. First Name Last Name

    Carl: "it don't matter... none of this matters..."

  55. meme one

    Pretending to surrender violates the Geneva Convention. Duncan Jax is a war criminal.

  56. Dirt McGert

    The ending was always weird since Dr. Strange was essentially subjecting himself to hell and the bad guy just got bored instead of enjoying the sadistic pleasure of driving Dr. Strange insane through an endless cycle of death.

  57. AColonDashSix

    Hey isn't this the review that reset era tried to cancel them over?

  58. Lukas P

    This whole Nerd Crew bit was just an excuse for man-child Mike Stoklasa to buy every bit of Star Wars and marvel merch he could find on eBay. Waiting for the day that these too meet their fate in a bucket of acetone

  59. Rodrigo de Miguel Lamminen

    I loved "Taxi driver, almost scene to scene, but not nearly as good, with an actor that doesn't do (quite) as good of a job as Robert DeNiro, and written by someone not as creative or as talented as Paul Schrader, also directed by a much worse director than Martin Scorsese, also not nearly as well developed characters as Taxi Driver and much less fleshed out themes". Quality film.

  60. Korilian13

    I thought Discovery's third season was going somewhere, but then they blew it in the last episode, because they clearly asumed they were getting cancelled.

  61. Lukas P

    Not to be “that guy” but the instant supernova in Star Trek 2009 is explained in the Countdown series of comics preempting the eventual destruction of Romulus. Basically it wasn’t a natural supernova, the Romulans had been secretly experimenting with stellar weapons that caused it to go nova almost instantly. Kind of a lame explanation but better than nothing. HOWEVER this was ret-conned in the comics by people who actually cared and not by Abrams who doesn’t give a shit and just wants to make a big dumb action movie. Just figured if any über-nerds like me wanted an in-universe explanation for lazy writing here it is lol

  62. Cinobite

    50:00 nuh my guys, Cynthia Rothrock was top level in the 80s and 90s, VERY well known in the martial arts film scene as well as real martial arts. She was basically a Van Damme and if you were in Blockbuster looking for a martial arts film and Cynthia Rothrock wasn't in it, you'd put it back :P

  63. Brandon Zappala

    Doesn't Mike look like the love-child of an elf and a dwarf?

  64. RiffoftheGods

    I really appreciate the "fake heads in movies look terrible" *cuts to deathstalker bj* joke

  65. NoGoodGreen

    Its been one week since you looked at me!

  66. The Blorp

    "Hmmm, have I seen this WotW?" 3:01 "Yes, I definitely have."

  67. Noah Varao

    It’s nice to see Jay’s classic character design again

  68. Ian Woods

    Gal Gadot has the distinction of being perhaps the most beautiful but least skillful actress in Hollywood. I have 0 interest in seeing this movie, but some of the still images were nice to look at. Edit: Holy shit this plot sounds like such a trainwreck... I kind of want to watch it now...

  69. SpiritScar

    Mike owns up to his shortcomings, Jay continually passes the buck. Got it.

  70. Andrew Sossaman

    The two most awkward line deliveries in the movie accurately sum up said movie pretty accurately. An AWESOME MISTAKE if I ever saw one.

  71. Brandon McAllister

    This is just Mike showing off his Star Wars memorabilia collection under the pretense of it being a Nerd Crew skit.

  72. Mister Swag

    “a big middle finger to all thing authoritarian” Wakanda: a tribal monarchy

  73. Peroy1

    Actually, "Wish Upon" was a better movie than this piece of shit...

  74. VJ Goofy

    One transformer movie is loud enough, I can't imagine listening 3 at the same time, I don't even want to watch a single one ever again

  75. darklighter66

    Cock blocked by the blob, happens to us all....about once a month.

  76. Parents' Night In: Boozy Movie Reviews

    Finally watched Jurassic World and I fell somewhere in between Mike and Jay. I enjoyed it on a dumb summer fun level, I appreciated that it was kept simple like the original, I liked the commentary/satire on "bigger = better," but I also didn't like the D'Onofrio subplot and had trouble with some of the logic. The hamster ball thing was fun but in no realistic universe would a park ever let the visitors control their own hamster ball. Also why wasn't the kids' ball recalled once they started shutting everything down? I agree with Jay that the kids didn't ever seem like they were all that terrified. The kids in the original film gave much more credible performances. This movie borrowed a little too heavily from Aliens at times, and of course the ending was right out of Deep Blue Sea and made me laugh. Giant shark jumps out of tank and snatches dinosaur. Come on Colin! But overall I give it a mild thumbs up.

  77. Steve Trent

    Ok so I enjoy most videos on this channel, but this had me laughing so hard I cried.

  78. First Name Last Name

    I gotta be honest the way they wrote the mother character in Godzilla REALLY left a bad taste in my mouth and this versions interpretation of Godzilla. They write her as thinking she is doing good by causing more mothers to lose their children...? Just write her evil! The cherry on top was that ending with her... I just don't care about this version anymore and have completely lost interest.

  79. malkamusik

    RIP Larry King